Hello, Dolly!

Directed by Tank "Otto" Lowe

Hello, Dolly! follows the larger-than-life personality of Dolly Gallagher Levi in her efforts to marry the rich Horace Vandergelder and her many matchmaking endeavors along the way. From the big classic numbers and joyful scenes to the smallest winks and witty lines, this production lights up the stage as an unforgettable musical comedy.


Dolly- Vickie Kibellus

Horace-Terry L. Miller

Cornelius- Damon Smith

Barnaby- Dillon Higginbottom

Mrs. Molloy- Chelsea Smith

Minnie- Joey Simpson

Ambrose- Brian Dotterer

Ermengarde- Emma Browning

Ernestina - Jan Smith

Rudolph- Clayton Smith

Stanley- Reece Schwartz

Cook- Pam Schwartz

Judge James- James Frantz

Policeman- Beatrice Higginbottom

Court Clerk- Teri Kuhlenbeck