Janiece Lipsey, Executive Director

A veteran of Creative Arts, Janiece was promoted to the Executive Director position in 2019. Janiece began with our organization in 2009 teaching ballet classes. She began working in our office shortly thereafter. In 2014, as Assistant Director of Operations and Outreach, she was instrumental in beginning an outreach program with Wells Community Boys & Girls Club. Janiece returned to Creative Arts as the Director of Programming in August 2016 after earning a graduate degree in Florida. 

Janiece holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Educational Ministries from Huntington University and a Masters of Business Administration degree from Southeastern University.


Julie Boettcher, Project Manager

Before working at Creative Arts, Julie enjoyed the organization’s programming through participating in Wells Community Theater. In 2015, she joined the Creative Arts team as an intern, helping administratively with a special focus on graphic design and web content.

Julie graduated from Judson University in 2018 with her Bachelor of Arts degree in Music Business and Entrepreneurship, and then returned to Creative Arts as Project Manager, bringing a passion for social media/web presence, branding, and live events.

Board of Directors

Ted Smith, president
Jim Bueter, vice president
John Emshwiller, treasurer
Linda Kelly, secretary
Mike Downey
Julie Harvey
Yvette Huggins
Sarah MacNeill
Nancy Wagner