2015-16 Theater Outreach Partnership

During the 2015-16 school year, students at the Wells Community Boys & Girls Club met once a week for a 16-week series of interactive workshops to receive an introduction to the basics of theater. In each one-hour workshop, students were given the opportunity to actively engage in learning fundamental acting skills. These workshops culminated in a performance at Creative Art’s annual Spring Gala, in addition to a performance at the Boys & Girls Club for their families and friends.

Meagan G. Matlock was the facilitator and instructor for the theater outreach partnership between Creative Arts and Boys & Girls Club. Matlock holds a Bachelors of Arts in Theatre (Acting Concentration) and English from Purdue University. She works as Education Manager for the EclecticPond Theatre Company in Indianapolis, an education-based theatre company, and has performed with the company in a number of productions. Her background ties in excellently with Creative Arts’ outreach efforts, and she brought extensive theater experience and knowledge to the program.