A Peek at the Studio Creations of Doc Wiedman: Traditional Carver of Wood Since 1980

This exhibit will be on display from January 4 - February 24. Come join us for an artist's reception on Saturday, January 28, from 2pm to 5pm. Event is free to attend. Donations appreciated.

Doc Wiedman has his doctorate in geology/paleontology and specializes in marine invertebrates. He recently semi-retired from the University of Saint Francis’ Dept. of Biology where he founded and directed the Environmental Science Programs for the past 23 years.  Though his formal background is all in science, he has been carving for 37 years using the Mallet and Gauge Method of subtraction art. Wiedman was recently awarded one of the three Decatur Sculpture Tour Juror's Awards, the Juror's Platinum Award. He was also an inaugural exhibitor at the Arts Renaissance in Roanoke and has received 3 Best of Show Awards and 3 Best of Class recognitions during his nine years of the show. You may have seen him demonstrating at both the Johnny Appleseed Fest and the Forks of the Wabash Pioneer Festival in Huntington, where he shows his style of art in garb of the time with the antique tools he uses daily. He states, "I like a folk art style with a touch of whimsy and I love for my pieces to have a sense of motion and attitude."