Murderous Crossing - 2017

Directed by: Otto "tank" lowe

The year is 1923 and audience members are passengers on board the HMS Victoria as it crosses the English Channel. The famous Inspector Clurrot has tracked down a homicidal mastermind hiding out on board. Meanwhile, the ship is the vessel of matrimony for the Contessa Follette and John D. Rothchild - a marriage encouraged through financial need and murderous greed. But not everything is as it seems, and it turns out that the English Channel isn't the only thing being crossed. Audience members are recruited to stand in for the best man, bridesmaid, mother of the groom, and father of the bride in this Agatha Christie style comic mystery.


Father Casse-Cou - Mike Downey
Contessa Nicole Follette - Amanda Welches
Lord Arthur Bennet - Otto “Tank” Lowe
Jonathan Rothchild - Dillon Higginbottom
Vivian Rothchild - Meagan VandeLaar
Isabella Coranova - Christina Doell
Miss Hastings - Kim Downey
Howard Krepps - Ted Smith
Inspector Pierre Clurrot - Dennis Wood