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Into the Woods, Jr.-2015


Into the Woods, Jr. is an exciting musical about a baker and his wife who are cursed with childlessness by their neighbor, the Witch. In order to break this curse they must steal from Cinderella, Little Red Riding Hood, Jack (the one that climbs the beanstalk), and Rapunzel. In 2014, this beloved musical became a Hollywood blockbuster starring Meryl Streep. 


Narrator- Victoria Clibon

Little Sister- Larkin Smith

Witch- Emma Browning

Baker- Preston Wright

Baker's Wife- Maddie Boyle

Jack- Scotty Frank

Jack's Mother- Mary Beth Frank

Little Red- Savannah McMichael

Granny- Kaleigh Wynn

Wolf- Beatrice Higginbottom

Cinderella's Step-Mother- Kylie Gerber

Lucinda- Grace Barlow

Florinda- Sara James

Cinderella- Maddy White

Cinderella's Prince- Zach Bucher

Rapunzel- Elena Ray

Rapunzel's Prince- Reece Schwartz

Steward- Ethan Williamson

The Mysterious Man- Meredith Queener