Fiddler on the Roof-2003

directed by kim durr

Based on Sholom Aleichems Tevye and his DaughtersFiddler on the Roof is the beloved story of the small, tradition-steeped town of Anatevka, Russia, where Jews and Russians live in a delicate balance. During the course of the show, the time honored traditions of Anatevka are both embraced and challenged by Tevye and his colorful community, as they witness his daughters, Tzietel, Hodel and Chava, grow up and fall in love in a time of extraordinary change. Fiddler on the Roof's Broadway premier became the longest-running Broadway musical in history, a title it maintained for almost ten years. It is a story that captures the essential human longings for love, community, success, freedom, family and meaning. 


Tevye- Ric Geist

Golde-  McCavitt

Tzeitel- Jacqueline Pierce

Motel- Darren Jon Ledbetter

Hodel- Amy Elkins

Perchik- Brandon York

Chava- Jamee Kenney

Fyedka- Joel Cash

Shprintze- Abigail Heimach

Bielke- Emily Harnish

Yente the Matchmaker- Peggy Barnell

Lazar Wolf the Butcher- Ralph Garcia

Avrahm the Bookseller- Bill Cline

Mordcha the Innkeeper - Terry Miller

Yussel the Hatmaker- Otto Lowe

The Rabbi- Robert Heimach

Mendel, his son - Aaron Wood

Nachum the beggar- Donald Langel

Shandel, Motel’s Mother- Becky Merkel

Grandma Tzeitel - Natalie Inskeep

Fruma Sarah- Joy Cash

The Constable- Rodger Popplewell

Sasha- Joe Welches

Fiddler- Ted Chemey

Priest- Rick Pulling