The County Fair

This year's show is an original work written and choreographed by School of Ballet instructors Emily Roop and Pam Talarico. The story centers around two young girls, Anna and Lottie, who go to visit the county fair for the first time with the reluctant permission of their mother. They experience all of the fun, games, and mischief one can get into at the fair, and meet lots of interesting characters along the way. Among those characters are two dashing young men with whom the girls develop a bit of a crush. Difficulty ensues when the girls realize that their mother would not be pleased with this development. 

The School of Ballet will host its end of season show on Saturday, April 30th at 2:30 PM and on Sunday, May 1st at 3:30 PM at Bluffton High School (1 Tiger Trail, Bluffton, IN). Admission is $3. Tickets are on sale now through the Creative Arts Council, located in the Arts, Commerce & Visitors Centre at 211 W. Water St. in Bluffton. The box office is open 10 to 4, Monday through Friday. Corporate sponsorships and advertising opportunities are also available for this performance.