Our educational programming began in 1976, just two years after the Creative Arts Council’s incorporation as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Beth Lampton, a former Broadway performer, began offering classical ballet classes in her home, classes that would soon become Creative Arts Council’s School of Ballet.

Since then, our ballet programs have grown significantly (serving over 2,000 students), while continually emphasizing Ms. Lampton’s original goal: to provide proper classical ballet instruction by trained teachers for community students.

1980 Ballet.JPG

As our classes have increasingly grown through the years, we have added dance classes in modern, contemporary, jazz, and tap, as well as adult ballet classes and summer dance camps. In addition to these growing classes, we have expanded our programming to provide acting and visual arts education.

Creative Arts has a long history of providing theatrical learning opportunities for students, especially through Wells Community Theater and summer camps. Recently, we have expanded our theatrical education opportunities to include consistent camps, workshops and classes each year.

Our visual arts programs have recently focused on elementary age students, but we also periodically offer workshops and classes for a variety of other ages. These programs often take place in our Balentine Gallery, an inspiring space featuring rotating exhibits by local artists.

Creative Arts is proud to provide such a diversity of quality arts education opportunities for students and families in Wells County and surrounding areas! Won’t you join us?

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