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"Wildflowers of indiana"
by maryrose Wampler

June 1 - July 15

"Wildflowers of Indiana" showcased a number of lithographic prints of paintings by Southern Indiana’s Maryrose Wampler featuring well-known, beloved wildflowers, fungi, butterflies, insects and small creatures. Narrative texts by the artist’s husband Fred Wampler confirmed the identity of flora and fauna depicted in the true-to-life images.

Bloomington artist Maryrose Wampler devoted full time to her acclaimed wildflower project which resulted in the printing of a book, Wildflowers of Indiana, published by Indiana University press. She enjoyed national acclaim for her watercolor technique, where she paid careful attention to negative space. 

Jack-in-the-pulpits, violets, phlox, trillium, morels, irises, oxalis, roses and indigenous orchids are among the hundreds of wild plantings vividly featured as they appear in the landscape. All four seasons and many Indiana counties provided the subjects for the artist’s project. Details of the paintings invited the viewer to take a long look and a second or third glance to delight in the works’ ecology and take pleasure in recognition. 

The Wampler prints exhibited by the Balentine Gallery were donated to Creative Arts by the late Eunice Haifley in 2005.